Lottery for Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Merch, Including Vader Bust (75227) Now Underway

Last week to the day, we announced how an exclusive LEGO set will be appearing at Star Wars Celebration Chicago. Big fans of the franchise will certainly adore a LEGO bust of Darth Vader (75227). But getting one involves chance because it and other merchandise must be won by lottery.

Seeing how “Star Wars” exclusive stuff during events can disappear like they just went into hyperspace, a lottery is sensible. Until the deadline of April 3 at 11:59 PM (CT), Star Wars Celebration attendees can enter the Exhibitor Exclusive Lottery through the event’s official page.

The important information that would-be participants of the lottery need is either the email they used to buy their Star Wars Celebration Chicago badges, or their badge purchase confirmation number. They must then enter the virtual line for the lottery where they can choose which item they want as soon as their turn comes up.


If a lottery item is won [hopefully it’s the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Bust (75227)] then a confirmation and QR code is sent to the winner. These codes can be redeemed only once, and can be downloaded from either the website or the upcoming Star Wars Celebration mobile app.

LEGO Star Wars Vader Bust (75227) is worth $39.99, and outside of Star Wars Celebration Chicago will only be available on Target’s REDCard program. Target will release their limited-quantity Vader Busts on April 11, at the same time that the Star Wars Celebration kicks off.

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