2017-Featured LEGO Ideas Submission “Sesame Street” Now Close to 10-K Milestone with 200+ Days Left

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Back in November 2017, we featured a submission to LEGO Ideas themed after one of the world’s greatest children’s shows. “Sesame Street” is easily a recognizable franchise not just for kids but for adults who watched it in childhood. That familiarity was what Filipino filmmaker and LEGO fan Ivan Guerrero/bulldoozer21 banked on when he presented his 123 Sesame Street Apartment Building build to LEGO Ideas.

It had been slow going after initial interest, but now with 259 days left, Guerrero’s 123 Sesame Street has finally amassed over 8,000 supporters. That means only less than 2,000 are needed to hit the magic 10-K and reach Review.


The sudden surge of support after we first featured the submission in 2017 may be attributed to bulldoozer21 making alterations to the design over the past year and few months. That was to update the build in celebration of “Sesame Street” turning 50 this year.


Guerrero’s significant changes were made just this March, removing features from the original to reduce pieces and obscuring obstacles. It also enabled him to expand on the apartment building’s rooftop, a familiar show-setting in itself. At 2,945 pieces total, this may be the last fiddling around with the idea before hopefully getting its 10-K support.


While the venerable children’s educational program has since left broadcast TV, with the newest episodes available only with HBO, the sheer influence of “Sesame Street” has never left people’s minds. With you help, this physical tribute to the program by Ivan Guerrero will be supported for Review, and eventually manufactured.

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