Clearer Image of Massive (and Expensive) LEGO Technic Liebherr R9800 (42100) Shared by Dutch LEGO News Site

LEGO Technic 42100 Liebherr R9800 onthuld

When LEGO wants one of their sets to go both bigger and more complex, they go to their Technic line. Some of their newer Technic products teased earlier this year have been veritable behemoths. For instance, the Liebherr 9800 bulldozer (42100) looked plenty massive in the close-up images. But what does it look like normally?

The answer was recently provided by Bouwsteentjes, a fellow LEGO news source from the Netherlands. Seen in its entirety, the Liebherr 9800 set (42100) is humongous. You’ll be led to believe that it’s as heavy-duty as the dozer it’s based on. The impressive size is also necessary to accommodate the new Technic CONTROL+ mechanics system.


LEGO Technic CONTROL+ allows for concurrent execution of multiple mechanical functions at the same time. The motor engines that go into the set are coordinated by two Smart Hub units that can be programmed via a downloadable LEGO mobile app.

Between its piece number (4108) and new CONTROL+ system, it’s no wonder the LEGO Technic Liebherr 9800 (42100) costs a lot too. Bouwsteentjes found the set in Germany where it’s priced at €449.99; converted, it’s either £388.57 in the UK or $508.83 in the US. Both prices might be rounded to the nearest 99.99 value.

No images for its fellow Technic sets batch were included. The LEGO Technic Liebherr 9800 (42100) becomes available August 1.

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    1. Wow, this is great! Thanks for the tip. This is very much different from all previous programmable hubs that LEGO released in the past and I’m curious to see all its functions. The inclusion of LED 5×5 light matrix offers a lot of possibility in adding further aesthetics in any Technic build. Thanks for this tip! 😉

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