LEGO Ideas Contest Winner Gift-w/-Purchase Set “Space Rocket Ride” (40335) Found in Croatia

lego ideas 40335 space rocket ride 0002

Over a year ago, a certain challenge was held for members of LEGO Ideas. The winner of the “LEGO Moments in Space” would’ve had his creation be turned into an official LEGO set that is “gifted with purchase.” The winner was announced in March 2018, though the actual set production won’t be until this year.

Just when it seemed like Ideas member and challenge Grand Winner mjsmiley’s coin-operated “Cosmic Rocket Ride” may have been forgotten, the official set’s finally been spotted. German LEGO news source Promo Bricks originally reported last month that the LEGO “Space Rocket Ride” (40335) may have surfaced in a Croatian LEGO Certified Store. Now however, they have tangible proof of it.

Promo Bricks has gone to Croatia and actually gotten one of set 40335 from there, as seen in their Instagram page. Interestingly, they made no mention of it supposedly being a gift with purchase. Perhaps they actually bought it over-the-counter?

As can be seen between the original contest build by mjsmiley, and the official set numbered 40335, LEGO expanded on the design. The Space Rocket Ride has a bigger platform base. While likely still operated by a crank in the back, the base also includes a “functional” coin slot to insert LEGO coin elements in.

If this isn’t a region exclusive then hopefully collectors outside Europe can soon find LEGO Space Rocket Ride (40335) on their Shop@Home or local shop. Maybe then we can have definitive knowledge on whether or not it’s a GWP promo or a conventionally purchasable set.

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