More “Toy Story 4” LEGO Sets Not in Initial Previews Discovered in Target

10768 1

We knew tie-in sets for Disney-Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” were coming as far back as last year. In February we even got to see the first images of them. The previews showed some simple sets geared for young builders. But those were only the first wave, with the next products actually released without much fanfare.

Two additional LEGO Disney “Toy Story 4” tie-in sets recently were found already available on retail. The discovery was made at a Target store by LEGO-fan YouTuber Just2Good. Both sets are of the 4+ designation. Still, while basic in construction they offer lots of features.

First on the reveals is Duke Caboom’s Stunt Show (10767). This set features a motorcycle stunt spectacle featuring Evel Knievel expy Duke Caboom, with Woody a reluctant hanger-on. It features a ramp, two parked obstacle cars, ring of fire, a promo board, and a motorcycle ridden by Duke Caboom and Woody for the big jump.


Next we have the Buzz and Bo Peep’s Playground Adventure (10768). It features a nice playground gym build with climbing wall, ladder bridge, slide, a go-kart and merry-go-round. Aside from minifigs of Buzz Lightyear and the missing Bo Peep, they’re also joined by the warm yet sinister talking doll Gabby-Gabby.


The Target store pricing for 10767 is $19.99 while the larger set 10768 is $24.99 instead. Just2Good hasn’t shared any further info regarding where else these nice “Toy Story 4” LEGO sets might be found. Still, Target’s a good place to start looking for them.

As for “Toy Story 4,” the movie premieres June 19. Thanks also to Brickset as the source of our images.

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