Summer 2019 LEGO Ninjago Sets from Nuremberg Toy Fair (and Others) Now Have Official Images

Quite the number of LEGO product themes had loosed their initial set offerings for 2019 these past months. But now that the spotlight-stealers like LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary have already introduced their lineup, we can focus on the other lines. For instance, LEGO Ninjago also has Summer 2019 sets.

The first peep about this year’s first salvo of LEGO Ninjago sets was in January during the Nuremberg Toy Fair. We got six names but no images. That shortcoming’s been remedied by Swiss LEGO news source Mein Spielzeug. Not only the six from Nuremberg but some new items were previewed.

  • Lloyd’s Journey (70671) – alternatively named Attack of the Ice Samurai from the Nuremberg Toy Fair


  • Cole’s Dirt Bike (70672)


  • Shuricopter (70673) – first new 2019 Ninjago set not from the NTF preview


  • Fire Fang (70674) – alternately named Fire Snake at the NTF


  • Katana 4×4 (70675)


  • Lloyd’s Titan Mech (70676)


  • Land Bounty (70677) – alternately named Desert Glider


  • Castle of the Forsaken Emperor (70678) – alternately called the Ice Age Fortress


  • Spinjitzu Slam – Lloyd (70681)


  • Spinjitzu Slam – Jay (70682)


  • Spinjitzu Slam – Zane (70683)


  • Spinjitzu Slam – Kai vs. Samurai (70684)


The Nuremberg Toy Fair preview notes that these 2019 LEGO Ninjago sets will be released in August. This has likely not changed for these products. That means we’ll be waiting for about four months more.

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