Home Video for “LEGO Movie 2” Now Available, with Different Extras from Different Retail Chains


When it comes to the sequel, the song as it were didn’t get stuck inside our heads. We’re talking about “LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part,” sequel to the 2014 blockbuster that wasn’t quite able to click. At least the tie-in LEGO sets and videogame were good enough to compensate.

Perhaps the momentum could be shifted from the cinemas to houses. Warner Bros. Pictures announced the home media release for “LEGO Movie 2” back in March. As of this week that day has finally arrived. The three major video formats of this age – Blu-Ray, Digital and DVD – are well-represented here.

Also notable is that some of the retailers stocking the “LEGO Movie 2” home media versions have their own exclusives. Two of these retail chains have tie-in polybags released months ago. A third has a more prestigious packaging instead. Compare these three sets and choose:

  1. Wal-Mart – Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital Copy combo pack with Emmet’s “Piece” Offering (30340) for $29.99
  2. Target – Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital Copy combo pack with Rex’s Plantimal Ambush (30460) for $27.99
  3. Best Buy – Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital Copy combo pack in sturdy SteeBook storage with General Sweet Mayhem art for $29.99

Note also that the Blu-Ray will include more stuff than just the actual movie itself. From a sing-along of “Everything is Awesome,” the expected commentary voiceovers, production featurettes, a short animation, and much more. It’s strange that no “Catchy Song” sing-along was included. Still, this is a second opportunity for “LEGO Movie 2” to become memorable for LEGO fan audiences.

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