Mystery LEGO Minifigs Features a Possible LEGO Stranger Things Theme

LEGO Stranger Things

There are a handful of stranger things that have been made into LEGO sets in the past. That’s rather appropriate when one considers the rumors flying around recently. Was LEGO partnering with Netflix to make tie-ins for their hit streaming sci-fi horror series set in the glorious era of eighties? Apparently they are according to some telling images. The German online LEGO retailer Lucky Bricks added a product listing that all but confirms that a LEGO Stranger Things line are now on its way. Shown here is what appears to be a minifigure pack, depicting “Stranger Things” characters Dustin Henderson and the monstrous Demogorgon. The set is numbered 75810.

LEGO Stranger Things

It’s quite possible that this is linked to the mystery LEGO set that’s supposed to be launched later this month. It’s getting a late-night intro at the Flatiron LEGO Store in New York on May 14. In London, the Leicester Square LEGO Store will launch the mystery set at midnight. But is that set this Dustin and Demogorgon pack (75810)? Or is it something else.

“Stranger Things,” which debut on streaming in the Netflix platform 2016, was an audience magnet due to its creepy-fun premise and its nostalgic 1980s setting. Two seasons have already be run, with a third season, featuring a time-skip, will premiere this July 4, on Netflix.

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