New 2019 LEGO Technic Sets Revealed

New 2019 LEGO Technic

Earlier this year during the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany, LEGO gave attendees a glimpse of things to come with the LEGO Technic theme for summer 2019. So far, LEGO has unveiled four sets during the prestigious toy fair and same as before, only teasers and bits of info were shown to attendees. But with the release of the Dutch LEGO Catalog for the 2nd half of 2019 (which LEGO already took down from their site) which gave us a peek at the next LEGO Minecraft and LEGO Movie 2 sets, it also offers us a closer look at these new 2019 LEGO Technic sets as you can see below.


Compact Crawler Crane (42097)

LEGO Technic is also adding a new crane to its ever-growing collection of brick-built, heavy machines. The Compact Crawler Crane features several stabilizers and a working lift function quite similar to those from the Mobile Crane (8053) released in 2010.

New 2019 LEGO Technic


Car Transporter (42098)

LEGO is throwing in another huge rig with this Car Transporter set that measures almost 3 feet in length (86 cm long to be exact). To add more play feature to the set, LEGO has also added a blue speedster that looks more like a smaller version of the Bugatti Chiron (42083). This scaled down muscle car build perfectly fits this mammoth-sized transporter.

New 2019 LEGO Technic


X-treme Off-roader (42099)

It has been six years since we saw our first LEGO Technic with the Monster Truck (42005) released in 2013. Needless to say, it’s long overdue already and it’s nice to know that LEGO is now giving us a leveled-up version with the X-treme Off-roader. The set is powered and controlled using LEGO’s new Powered Up! Control+ system. You may have a better look at this set’s box images and features right here.



Liebherr R 9800 (42100)

Finally, we have the largest among these new 2019 LEGO Technic sets with the Liebherr R 9800. It also seems to be by far the most complex, and largest LEGO Technic set ever released coming in at 4,108 parts. It also utilizes the new LEGO Technic Control+ system that manages its two (2) Bluetooth SMART Hubs, three (3) XL Motors, and four (4) L Motors. Check out this video demonstration of the LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 (42100) courtesy of Zusammengebaut.



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  1. Car Transporter looks interesting, but does the very average and boring looking blue car actually fit on it? The Leibeher Crane looks amazing but will no doubt be very expensive, and the 4×4 also interesting given it has the new power functions (hope it’s faster than the original crawler which was pathetic!). The crawling crane I’ll leave – just too many damned cranes in the Technic series for my liking. Really wish they could do another classic motorbike a la BMW R1200GS. I also saw there is a likely to be a Landrover coming out ( so I would hope that could be motorized given the space that should be in the rear end.

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