Official Images of the LEGO Forma (81000) Set Appears In LEGO Servers

LEGO Forma

If you recall back in September of last year, LEGO experimented on a crowd-sourcing model in promoting its sets, particularly with the relatively new LEGO Forma theme. Aimed at adult fans of LEGO, the LEGO Forma theme is focused on building and creative expression via art in a more unstructured way. The sets’ most notable features include interchangeable skins, particularly among the three Koi Fish variants featured in the LEGO Forma theme. With regards to its build, they all follow a common design and certain play features.

LEGO Forma

Launched via the Indiegogo platform, it was not quite sure afterward if the LEGO Forma sets will be made available through more conventional means such as via LEGO Shop@Home or at LEGO brand stores. However, something delightfully curious happened today – a rare opportunity for those who may have missed these sets during their launch.

81000 alt1
The front side box art of the LEGO Forma (81000) set.
81000 alt2
A look at the back side box art of the LEGO Forma (81000). It’s relatively simple and minimalist in design.

LEGO servers have been now updated to include official images of the first of the LEGO Forma sets, leading us to speculate that this theme may eventually find their way at LEGO’s online store portal. The sets themselves are not yet listed so we only have these images to look at. The LEGO Forma (81000) base set comes in at 293 pieces, with a buildable base that also acts as a tactile mechanism for the koi fish build to mechanically move. It also features an interchangeable skin that can be swapped with two other koi skin variants which as of this posting, are yet to appear on LEGO’s servers. I expect this to sell for around $50 USD, but the price could be lower.

Now I am kind of compelled to speculate that this may be part of LEGO’s future promotional sets. However, I feel that this may not be the case since it will be kind of a let-down for those who already purchased the set last year if LEGO will opt to move forward to this direction. Additionally, LEGO was testing the waters back then with regards to this marketing model, so the goal at that time was to see if this is a viable way of promoting future LEGO sets which it did actually.

Whatever is the case, I’m sure that a particular group of LEGO fans will be excited to see these LEGO Forma sets accessible to everyone. Be sure to keep tabs with us for more updates about these recent developments.

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