WATCH: How To Build A LEGO Set In Zero Gravity

LEGO Set In Zero Gravity

Have you ever wondered how to build a LEGO set in space – in zero G? Well, I guess most of us will never find out personally, but thanks to a promotional video recently released by LEGO, we can have a slight idea on how we can pull it out. Building a LEGO set in zero gravity might sound like an impossible task, but former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino shows us how it is done as if it’s just like a walk in the park. Watch this.

I was absolutely baffled when Mike unboxed the LEGO City Mars Research Shuttle (60226) and casually ripped the bags sending the LEGO pieces flying off in all directions. My first thought was, “How can you possibly get all of those LEGO pieces in such a situation?”.  The next frame is quite hilarious – Mike simply and calmly browses the building instructions amidst a flurry of LEGO bricks flying all around him. The next scene shows him slowly putting it all together piece by piece. I just love that shot when all the LEGO pieces were on the floor and it suddenly rises as their plane takes a dip. The finished LEGO space shuttle is a perfect build for this promotional video – a LEGO set indeed built for zero gravity.

It’s a clever way of promoting the LEGO City Space sets – even if we can’t go to outer space and build our sets there. For more info about the complete line of LEGO City Space sets, be sure to check with LEGO Shop@Home.  Happy building!

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