LEGO Education SPIKE Prime (45678) Now Available for Middle School Learners

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

If you’re a LEGO fan and educator at the same time, the value of the LEGO brick in teaching simply cannot be overemphasized. Playing with LEGO has been synonymous with fun in learning that LEGO devoted an entire theme of STEM-inspired sets to bring LEGO inside the classroom. Since its introduction back in April of last year, LEGO Education SPIKE Prime (45678) has shown potential as a new educational tool that brings together the rudiments of robotics and engineering in a complete, fun and engaging package.

If you’re a classroom teacher and administrator and wish to incorporate the use of LEGO bricks and robotics in your lesson, then be sure to check out this most recent offering from LEGO. Watch this video to know more about this new LEGO Education set offering and how it can inspire children and students to pursue a career in STEM.

LEGO Education  SPIKE Prime (45678)

523 pieces | $329.95 | Can be shared by 2 students

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

  • Designed for ages 10+, grades 6-8
  • Costs $329.95 per set, which can be shared by two students at a time
  • Based on the drag-and-drop Scratch coding platform and available for iOS, Chrome, Windows 10, Mac and Android
  • 32 lessons help get teachers started and make integrating SPIKE Prime into a variety of classes from science and math to social studies and language arts incredibly easy
  • Ensures that multiple classrooms can share sets within a school with streamlined 45-minute build + lesson time
  • Includes 11 new innovative elements developed by LEGO Education and the LEGO Group, first seen in SPIKE Prime
  • Available for purchase on the LEGO Education website or through authorized resellers
  • Brings STEAM creativity and engagement into afterschool programs, robotics clubs, coding programs and maker spaces with the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Expansion Set by LEGO Education (sold separately)\
  • The Expansion Set and Competition Ready unit can now be used in
    competition by robotics competition teams, including *FIRST*® LEGO® League and World Robot Olympiad

Like other new set offerings from LEGO, the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime (45678) also comes with new Technic parts that you may find useful. Check out this poster below that describes these new parts.

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

Other than the SPIKE Prime, the entire LEGO Education suite of products also includes:

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