LEGO and National Geographic Team Up for This Latest Collection of LEGO City Summer 2020 Sets

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After revealing the next wave of LEGO Creator 3-in-1 summer 2020 sets, Portuguese LEGO retailer has also listed another batch of upcoming sets and this time, introducing the latest LEGO City summer 2020 sets to watch out for.

For this year, LEGO has teamed up with National Geographic to inspire young builders to pursue a career in oceanography and underwater exploration. The respective box arts of these sets also feature the iconic bright yellow rectangular border, with the organization’s name prominently printed on the lower portion of the boxes.

Though this is not the first time that LEGO offered sets focusing on a deep-sea exploration subtheme, partnering with Nat Geo allows LEGO to build sets that are closer to how the latter works in real-life. The largest in this series, the Ocean Explorers Research Boat (60266), even floats on water for a leveled-up play experience. Additionally, each of these LEGO City summer 2020 sets offer a new marine life figure. We have new LEGO pieces and molds of a hammerhead shark, angler fish, manta ray, and a relatively large great white shark.

Other than these cool collection of Nat Geo inspired sets, LEGO is also adding another airplane to its sparse repertoire of airline passenger jets and terminals. Similarly-sized ones were offered by LEGO way back in 2010 and 2016, which makes this upcoming airport terminal set a much-welcomed one.  Plus, LEGO is throwing in some flying helicopters similar to LEGO Ninjago spinners.

We do not have their piece count and retail price as of posting time, but we can expect them to be up at LEGO Shop@Home anytime soon.  Check out the following images below.

LEGO City Air Race (60260)


LEGO City Summer 2020

LEGO City Airport Central 4+ (606261)

LEGO City Summer 2020



LEGO City Passenger Airplane (60262)

LEGO City Summer 2020

LEGO City Mini Submarine 4+ (60263)

LEGO City Summer 2020


LEGO City Exploration Submarine (60264)

LEGO City Summer 2020

LEGO City Exploration Base (60265)

LEGO City Summer 2020

LEGO City Research Vessel (60266)

LEGO City Summer 2020

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