LEGO Friends 2021 Set and Box Art Images Released

LEGO Friends 2021

Following the reveal of 2021’s first wave of LEGO City and LEGO Creator 3-in-1 sets, let’s now take a look at this collection of LEGO Friends 2021 sets also scheduled to be released in January 2021. At the stroke of midnight on January 1st, this wave of LEGO Friends sets will be available at LEGO’s online store and other retailers.

As you may have noticed, other than expanding the existing current line of LEGO sets that highlights the adventures of our Heartlake City residents, LEGO Friends also continues its Play Cubes series which it introduced earlier this year. This time around, the Play Cubes now include some of LEGO Friends’ most adorable play pets in a mystery pack. Well to be accurate, it’s not really a sort of a blind bag or something considering that the packaging itself is already a giveaway on what LEGO animal figure is included in the Play Cube. However, it is kind of exciting to think that this could also mean that we might be seeing a new LEGO piece for a flamingo, dalmatian, a pug, and a cat. Historically, the LEGO Friends theme has been known to introduce new animal figures in most of its series such as those offered from its animal rescue series released during the first half of this year. So basically it’s not a longshot to consider if this will also be the case for these LEGO Friends 2021 sets.

It is also interesting to point out that LEGO is quite intentional in adding features and details to these sets that underscore the company’s emphasis on being environmentally responsible. Other than inspiring children to take care of animals, these sets also introduce the concepts of having an environmentally sustainable lifestyle such as using an electric car, utilizing solar panels in powering up houses, and patronizing organic produce.

Similar to this year’s wave of LEGO Friends Play Cubes, we can also expect that this 2021 series will probably have the same price point of around $10 each. They are not yet listed over at LEGO Shop@Home as of this posting, but we can expect these sets to appear on LEGO’s online shopping website anytime soon. Thanks once again to 3rd-party retailer Van der Meulen for uploading these images over at their site. For now, let’s take a look at what these sets have to offer.

Cat Grooming Car (41439)

LEGO Friends 2021


Olivia’s Electric Car (41443)

41443 1


Heartlake City Organic Cafe (41444)

LEGO Friends 2021


Heartlake City Movie Theater (41448)

41448 1

Andrea’s Family House (41449)

LEGO Friends 2021


Olivia’s Flamingo Cube (41662)

41662 1


Emma’s Dalmatian Cube (41663)

LEGO Friends 2021


Mia’s Pug Cube (41664)

41664 1


Stephanie’s Cat Cube (41665)

LEGO Friends 2021


Andrea’s Bunny Cube (41666)

41666 1

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