New LEGO Adults Welcome Section Curates the Best Sets That LEGO Shop@Home Has To Offer

LEGO Adults Welcome

One of the key objectives of The LEGO Group during the past couple of years is to encourage interest among adults in welcoming the LEGO lifestyle. From the low-key introduction of the now discontinued LEGO Forma to the more intentional and market-driven introduction of the LEGO 18+ branding as a way of encouraging adults to pursue the LEGO hobby, LEGO’s online shopping portal now makes it easier for adult LEGO fans to find their set of choice via its LEGO Adults Welcome Section.

Located under the Interests tab, the LEGO Adults Welcome section features an extensive collection of LEGO 18+ sets that are curated by LEGO and features a range of sets coming from its diverse portfolio of current LEGO themes. This is ideal both for those who are just beginning in the LEGO hobby, and those that are long-time fans of a particular LEGO theme or subtheme.

01 LEGO Adults Welcome

From the get-go, the LEGO Adults Welcome Section provides an overview of what to expect from this selection coming from four broad themes: Entertainment, Vehicles, Art, Design & Music, and Travel & History. It also presents a brief description of what to expect from this section and some pretty neat trivia regarding LEGO’s adult fan base.

01 LEGO Adults Welcome

Clicking 0n the Products link will then show you 84 suggested sets that LEGO Shop@Home has to offer, representing a wide array of interests and themes regardless of if you’re already an experienced builder or a beginning LEGO collector. Huge sets such as the LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum (10276), LEGO Super Mario Nintendo Entertainment System (71374), and LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (92176) occupy my top list of LEGO sets under this section. Clearly, this section is intended to feature LEGO’s largest (and most expensive) sets that LEGO hobbyists will be interested to put on display.

03 LEGO Adults Welcome

On a personal note, I appreciate what LEGO did here since they have eventually recognized that their sets are no longer just toys in themselves, but a worthwhile brick-building interest to pursue. I also find it convenient since I can immediately find those larger sets that I want to place under my LEGO wishlist for 2021.

So what do you think of this new LEGO Adults Welcome section over at LEGO Shop@Home? Do you find it convenient as well? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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