WATCH: LEGO Ninjago City Gardens (71741) Designer Video

LEGO Ninjago City Gardens

LEGO has released an accompanying designer video to mark the release of its massively beautiful LEGO Ninjago City Gardens (71741). LEGO designers Markus Rollb├╝hler and Michael Knap give us an inside tour of this 5,000+ piece LEGO set, and all of its little details that celebrates 10 years of LEGO Ninjago. Watch this.

Each level in this almost 2 1/2 feet tall set highlights a bit of LEGO Ninjago history throughout the decade since its inception in 2011. As a modular set, it’s really impressive to see how each of these levels manage to feature so many details that eagle-eyed Ninjago fans will surely see. The nice part about this set is that it can be seamlessly connected with the LEGO Ninjago Movie Ninjago City (70620) set for a bigger, more beautiful brick rendition of Ninjago City.

71741 1

The LEGO Ninjago City Gardens is now available over at LEGO Shop@Home. It was placed on backorder status last week but is now back on stock so. If you’re eyeing to get this one, then perhaps now is the time to visit your local LEGO brand store or For more information about this set, you may check our recent post right here.

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