LEGO Ideas Second 2020 Review Stage Results Are Finally In

LEGO Ideas Second 2020 Review

The LEGO Ideas Review Board has finally released the results for its LEGO Ideas Second 2020 Review Results, including a final decision on a project that took a considerable amount of time to be evaluated. These sets were chosen as the next official LEGO Ideas sets among a record-breaking 35 product ideas submitted between May to September of 2020. These proposals managed to get the support of more than 10,000 LEGO fans who wished to see them translated into an actual LEGO product.

The announcement came earlier today through LEGO Engagement Manager Hasan Jansen and LEGO Associate Marketing Manager Piangward Kate Jarupakorn. You can watch their full announcement right here.

First off, among 35 fan submissions evaluated during the LEGO Ideas Second 2020 Review Stage, the honor of being the next official LEGO set has been awarded to Truman Cheng’s (aka legotruman) brick rendition of a timeless masterpiece –¬†Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night.¬†

starry night

It will be interesting to see how this classic painting will be translated into LEGO bricks especially considering that LEGO has now introduced its LEGO Art series. However, considering that the building techniques employed by Truman in his approved fan submission do not utilize the same kind of pixelated style of the LEGO Arts series, then it will be interesting to see how the LEGO Ideas design team will eventually finalize it as a set. I hope that they will stay true to the concept and building techniques seen in the original submission.

Just a side note – though I’m happy that The Starry Night eventually received a thumb’s up from the review board, I can’t help but wonder why none of the other 34 entries were selected. Like what other LEGO fans have noted, there are other 10K qualifiers in this roster that is quite popular among fans for references to pop culture icons. It will be nice to see for example an official LEGO set for Nintendo’s Animal Crossing considering its playability and appeal to adult and younger LEGO fans alike, or perhaps a set dedicated to the Greendale Community College based on 2009’s hit series Community. I’m sure that there are other worthy candidates from this pool of 35 submissions, and it’s a bit disappointing to see that only 1 was ultimately selected. Perhaps the LEGO Ideas Review Board needs to cut some corners considering the sheer number of approved projects still in development? I really don’t know, so it will be nice if the review team will provide more details on their decision.

But if there is any consolation that the LEGO Ideas Second 2020 Review Stage has to offer to LEGO fans, is the fact that the Blue Blur is back and just in time for his 30th birthday. We first saw his official minifig in the now-discontinued LEGO Dimensions Sonic the Hedgehog Level Pack (71244) from 2016. And just in case you missed out on him, having an official LEGO Ideas Sonic Mania: Green Hill Zone set along with other iconic characters of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is certainly most welcomed. I missed out on the first LEGO Sonic minifigure, and I will certainly not miss my next opportunity to get this one.

sonic mania

The conclusion of the LEGO Ideas Second 2020 Review Stage now brings a total of 7 approved projects currently in development:

And while waiting for these approved projects to roll out in LEGO stores shortly, the LEGO Ideas review team already has its hands full for the Third 2020 review cycle with its total of 25 qualifying entries.

third 2020

So what do you think of the outcome of LEGO Ideas Second 2020 Review Stage? Are you happy with the results? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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