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LEGO has just revealed its next commemorative, NASA-inspired set in the form of the LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283). The set celebrates the 31st anniversary of the original NASA STS-31 mission together with the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope back in April of 1990. And to give us a glimpse of the design process that went through the creation of this next LEGO direct-to-consumer set, LEGO designers Milan Madge, Mani Zamani, and Nico Vas give us a tour of how this came about through this LEGO designer video.

The LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) is a larger, more detailed version of its predecessor, the LEGO Space Shuttle Discovery-STS-31 (7470) released in 2003. This more recent brick rendition of the Discovery clocks in at 2,354 pieces and is expected to retail for $200 starting April 1st.

As an 18+ set, the LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery is not just a display piece but is also filled with plenty of play features that replicate the functionalities and accomplishments of its real-life counterpart. One of its more significant features is its accessible payload bay that contains a brick-version of the Hubble Space Telescope. The cockpit also reveals flight and mid-decks, plus seats for 5 crew members. And for a more glorious display piece, the set also comes with display stands to exhibit both the shuttle itself and the space telescope.

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And like any exclusive set offering, the LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery also comes with first-for-April-2021 LEGO pieces as revealed in this LEGO designer video. These include a 4x8x4 quarter-circle panel with pinholes for the payload wall, a 4x6x1 round windscreen with black frame print, and a 3x3x1 brick curved quarter circle.

10283 new elements
Several new LEGO elements are introduced in the LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283).

The LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) will be available in all LEGO brand stores and LEGO Shop@Home in April. Be sure to add this to your LEGO wishlist to be notified once it is available for purchase.

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