LEGO City Animal Rescue Summer 2021 Sets Revealed

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It looks like LEGO is on a wildlife rescue with this year’s summer wave of LEGO City sets. Some of these sets have been revealed already by an Italian online retailer giving us a glimpse of what to expect from this series of LEGO City Animal Rescue summer 2021 sets.

These sets are slated to be released sometime in August and feature some pretty cool new animal figures and vehicles. The smaller sets offer some monkey figures, a male lion and cub, and a snake, while the larger ones feature new elephant figures and a crocodile. For all its worth, it’s a great way to build your LEGO animal collection. The last time I saw a similar array of exciting animal figures was with LEGO City’s Jungle sets from 2017.

Since the LEGO City Animal Rescue summer 2021 sets are now making their appearance online, we can also expect them to be listed over at LEGO’s home shopping portal in the next few weeks. Take note that this is a partial listing and more similar sets may be revealed soon. These images may not be the most ideal, but they’re substantial enough to provide us a closer look.

Wildlife Rescue Hovercraft (30570) polybag


Animal Rescue ATV (60300)

74 pieces | 9.99 Euro | Includes 1 minifigure, 2 monkeys, and 1 scorpion figures 

LEGO City Animal Rescue


Animal Rescue Off-Road Vehicle (60301)

157 pieces | 44.99 Euro | Includes 3 minifigures, a male lion, lion cub, and snake figures



Animal Rescue Operation (60302)

525 pieces | 89.99 Euro | Includes 4 minifigures, a large single-piece elephant figure, baby elephant, crocodile, and 2 monkeys

LEGO City Animal Rescue


Wildlife Rescue Camp (60307)

??? pieces | Approx $99.99 | Includes 6 minifigures, a large single-piece elephant figure, a male lion, lioness, lion cub, 2 monkeys, and eagle (?) 



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