LEGO Teases Buildable LEGO Adidas Superstar (10282) Trainer Set

LEGO Adidas Superstar

LEGO dropped another interesting teaser over its Twitter page earlier today. Though LEGO has not completely named the set as of this posting, word over at brick street refers to this set as a LEGO Adidas Superstar (10282)

This life-sized brick-built shoe is rumored to be around 731 pieces and basically includes only a single one. Obviously, if you need to be as life-like as possible and wish to have a complete pair, then you need to buy 2 copies of this set.  And if we will take this teaser image of the LEGO Adidas Superstar (10282) for what it is, then we might be seeing a new LEGO element in the form of a new textile piece for the shoelace. The curved printed elements used for the tip of the shoe may also be something new. We can also expect a pretty stylish box art to accompany the set, similar perhaps to what you can expect from an Adidas shoebox. If it is also intended as a display set, then I guess LEGO might be throwing in a nameplate for this one similar to other LEGO 18+ sets that it offered before.

Adidas Superstar shoes pair
This upcoming LEGO reveal is rumored to be the LEGO Adidas Superstar (10282), based on the iconic low-top athletic shoes designed by Adidas.   

LEGO is quite mum understandably about the rest of the set’s details save for its release date on July 1st, alongside the recently revealed LEGO Ideas Typewriter (21327). And since we’re just two weeks away from its official reveal, we can expect more and more information to come out in the next few days.

So what do you think of a buildable LEGO Adidas Superstar (10282) trainer set? Is it a must-have for your LEGO wishlist, or is it a pass? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks to Stone Wars for the additional info.

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  1. Hmm i think my brother would like this but me not so much. But its always exciting when lego comes out with a new set!

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