LEGO Seasonal Penguin (40498) Coming Soon Just in Time for the Holidays

LEGO Seasonal Penguin

Just recently, LEGO has revealed a wave of seasonal sets that we can expect this August. And on top of that, just in time for the holidays, we will also have the LEGO Seasonal Penguin (40498).

40498 1

To be precise, this set is not yet listed at LEGO Shop@Home as of this writing. But the arrival of the LEGO Seasonal Penguin is confirmed by this year’s LEGO Seasonal Halloween Owl (40497) box art. As far as I recall, this is the first time that LEGO has offered a seasonal set following this usual holiday symbol. The penguin was usually a staple of LEGO’s Monthly Mini Builds, and it’s great to see that a seasonal set has been designed that is focused entirely on this cute, arctic creature. The LEGO Seasonal Penguin (40498) also seems to incorporate the same display stand as its seasonal predecessors, and most likely stands between 11-12 cm like that of the Halloween Owl.

We do not have further details as of today with regards to its piece count and availability, but the retail price is definitely expected to be $15 as well. This may likewise be the last seasonal set to be offered for this year following this theme and design.

If you’re a LEGO completionist and are looking forward to adding this set to your brick-built seasonal collection, then be sure to check with LEGO Shop@Home. Or you can also bookmark our blog site to receive future updates with regards to this set.

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