LEGO and Flickr Kick Off “LEGO Build and Capture Photo Contest 2021,” Runs Until November 1

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LEGO already has plenty of its own platforms with which to hold contests for their fans to participate in. Beyond that, they also manage to partner with various enterprises for more varied competitions. Recently LEGO and image-hosting platform Flickr launched a new photo contest for LEGO fan-shutterbugs. Do you love LEGO and have a Flickr account? Why not show off your photography skills on this Flickr-cohosted contest? You might even have a chance to win some sweet LEGO Art sets for your efforts. Big thanks to The Brick Fan for bringing this to our attention.

Flickr and LEGO proudly present the “LEGO Build and Capture Photo Contest 2021.” It officially began in the middle of last week and will run until the first of November. Contestants must have a Flickr account and are at least age 18 upon joining. They simply need to add three photos of artistically-presented LEGO builds/minifigures to the official contest group. Even older Flickr-uploaded LEGO pictures are eligible provided that they are no older than January 1, 2020. The submitted photos must be fun, artsy and judged by Flickr moderators as “safe” for the competition. And remember this contest must have all entries by November 1.

The LEGO x Flickr Build and Capture Photo Contest 2021 will have six grand winners. First Place winners each get the 4-panel LEGO Marilyn Monroe Art Sets designed by Andy Warhol. Two Second Place winners will each get a Marvel Studios – Iron Man 3-panel LEGO Art Set. And finally the Third Place winners will receive Star Wars – The Sith 3-panel LEGO Art Sets. LEGO fans on Flickr can read up on further details at the official contest group page here.

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