Ideas Designer of Fender Stratocaster (21329) Set Showcased in LEGO Video

LEGO Ideas Fender Stratocaster

When a major LEGO set gets released, there’s a chance that they’ll be featured in a designer video. If the release was a LEGO Ideas set, then there might sometimes be a twist in the presentation. Sometimes the designer video would have the official LEGO teams that finalized a winning product idea into the set. But there have been instances when the LEGO Ideas member who originated the build would be honored. The sweet Fender Stratocaster set (21329) came out in October 1. Now, nearly two weeks later, LEGO showcased a video of its Ideas original creator, a contest participant.

Tomas Letenay is a Slovakian architect, LEGO fan and music aficionado as seen in this video. Uploaded to LEGO’s official Twitter page, the showcase sees photos of Letenay and a short narration of his life. From his schoolboy dream of buying an electric guitar grew his ambition to own the legendary Fender Stratocaster. Building one out of LEGO bricks was the next best thing for him. Now his passion project is one of the most sought-after new LEGO sets around. Yet still Letenay continues to strive to one day own a real Stratocaster for himself.

If you like rock and roll but either can’t play guitar or afford one, this Ideas set’s your chance. With its accurate details translated into LEGO pieces, you’d genuinely fall in love with it. The Ideas Stratocaster (21329) comes with a brick-built amplifier, alternate-color body, and Fender sticker. It costs $99.99 and is newly available, so get it now, in stores or online at Shop@Home.

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