Rumor of Minifigs on LEGO Education’s “Build to Launch” Series Packaged with 2022 Space-Themed Sets

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LEGO Education is one of the global toy brand’s branches that rarely, if ever, engage in visible commercial promotion. Their target customers tend to be schools and educational centers, after all. About last month, LEGO Education introduced “Build to Launch,” a STEAM exploration series. Developed with NASA and centered on the Artemis Lunar Return Mission, this series introduces a cast of minifigure characters. Serving as POVs to this series, these characters, members of the “LEGO Space Team,” have distinct backgrounds and personalities. One expects such details to story themes like LEGO Friends, Ninjago or Monkie Kid. Is it possible that these minifigs could appear in sets coming in the future?

This is an interesting point brought up by Brick Fanatics. Sure, the characters of Commander Kate, Flight Director Maria and more serve to demonstrate the lessons on “Build to Launch.” Yet they look so fleshed out that the LEGO Education STEM series they’re attached to seems too small. Add this to the rumors of new space-themed LEGO City sets due for 2022, and it fits. Or at least it feels like they fit. These minifig astronauts and rocket technicians could perhaps populate the following alleged sets according to Brick Fanatics:

  • Moon Rover (60348)
  • Space Station (60349)
  • Research Base (60350)

Okay, the more fantastical space designs of LEGO City might not sync with the real-life Artemis moon mission. But it’s a nice idea. Or maybe it’s just rumors and the “Build to Launch” cast is stuck in the LEGO Education series. All the same, these characters are interesting enough that if LEGO does release themed sets featuring them, someone might buy.

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