LEGO Ideas Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Contest Announces Winners

Way back in September, LEGO Ideas held one of its biggest contests yet .It was a LEGO Harry Potter competition in celebration of the line’s 20th anniversary.  Participants were invited to create a commemorative “Harry Potter” build with the number “20” located/hidden in their work. This contest saw plenty of submissions, but there can be only one winner and a couple of runners-up. While the entry phase ended in October 6, judging still took up the better part of a month. But finally, the LEGO Ideas staff has made their decision. We’re sure you probably agree with their choices too.

As revealed on their contest winner announcement, the grand prize went to LEGO Ideas 10-K member Ivan “bulldoozer” Guerrero. The creative mind behind LEGO Ideas Sesame Street (21324) created “Legacy,” depicting Harry before the Mirror of Erised. For your perusal:

The runners-up presented a common theme for many entries on this LEGO Ideas contest: Hogwarts Castle. Gitto-Negron Workshop gave a creative twist to the motif in their “HP20 – Magical Cabinet of Characters” as seen below:

PedroPRS.AFOL meanwhile submitted a straight castle micro-scale build with a number-20 flag on the steeple. He calls his creation “Hogwarts is My Home,” like so:

Buldoozer got to receive the most recent LEGO Harry Potter 20th anniversary sets as Grand Prize. Gitto-Negron Workshop and PedroPRS.AFOL for their parts won Hogwarts Icons – Collector’s Edition (76391) and some Limited Edition Minifigures (6232944).

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