LEGO Thanks Employees for “Extraordinary Year” with Bonuses, More Days Off


COVID-19 was a bane to businesses worldwide when its pandemic spread and workplaces had to close or hunker down. The end of 2020 was hopeful but restricted. As this year of 2021 comes to a close however, the world has opened up more. Businesses thus can report record comeback earnings. LEGO is no exception.

The Brick Fan tells us by way of Bloomberg that LEGO’s operating profits in this year’s first half doubled. In celebration for their “extraordinary year,” the world’s most powerful brand is tipping its hat off to the employees. Long story short, they’re getting some added perks.

LEGO spokesperson Benjamin Hjorth mentions increased annual bonuses and added vacation days for about 20,000 of the company’s employees. This may be same-old news to fans aware of how generous LEGO can be to its workforce. But the timing of the new benefits, at the second pandemic Holiday season, gives it greater meaning.

Three more vacation days to a year, plus additional bonuses arriving April 2022, underscores how valuable employees are to LEGO. The rank-and-file make the brick-building magic happen after all. Do we have to wonder why LEGO sets now and coming soon are so good? This is why.

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