Slekk024’s S-70 Firehawk Helicopter Needs Support on LEGO Ideas; CAL Fire and Sikorsky Are Asking

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Now that we got the ball rolling yesterday, let’s see if we can find more LEGO Ideas submissions needing support. Vertical News, an online news source and marketplace for helicopters, gives us this beauty. The subject: the Sikorsky S-70, in particular the “Firehawk” variant used as a water-bomber. This helicopter’s been in use with the California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection (CAL Fire) since 2019. LEGO Ideas member Adrien “Slekk024” Pecquet launched his product idea for a brick-built Firehawk in June. With about 3,000 pieces this submission promises great detail and playable mechanical functionality.

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Regarding the copter the set’s based on, the Firehawk starts out as a Polish-manufactured S-70i. It is then reconfigured by United Rotorcraft stateside for water-bomber duties (featuring a 4,500-liter belly tank).

Slekk024’s LEGO rendition has the CAL Fire livery, honoring the around 13 S-70s currently used by the organization. It also comes with three minifigures: pilot, co-pilot and two firefighters. The product idea’s pretty good that both CAL Fire and Sikorsky Aircraft have given it shout-outs on their social media.

At present it has 3,738 supporters with 33 days left to reach 5,000 (and an extension towards hitting 10-K). This looks like another worthy creation worth pushing to Review Stage.

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