WATCH: LEGO Titanic Designer Video is the Longest Yet Made

LEGO Titanic Designer Video

When one mentions the word (or name) Titanic, the context has always been of sheer size. Almost anybody could rattle off the story of the doomed passenger liner that hit an iceberg in 1912. The Titanic was the biggest ship afloat at the time. And well over a century after it sank, LEGO released a massive set for it. Even scaled down, the LEGO Titanic (10294) really makes its size come across. It had to be huge so that builders and viewers could make the details out. In reference to the idea of hugeness, its corresponding LEGO Titanic designer video is appropriately lengthy.

LEGO set designer videos are on average around 5 minutes long. For this LEGO Titanic designer video, however, we get treated to a nine-minute presentation of the massive build. No other set video released until now has gone that long. LEGO designer Mark Psiaki explains the minutiae of how the design teams recreated Titanic in LEGO. Intercut with his monologue is a mini-documentary on the actual ship. This part is narrated by Andrew Skinner from the SeaCity Museum of Southampton, UK. That was the port city where Titanic departed on its maiden, and only, voyage. LEGO designers rarely have non-LEGO guests in designer vids. But this is a Titanic set, after all.

Some of the details touched upon by Psiaki about 10294 include the accessory US flag. As a sample, he notes the flag only has 46 stars (only 46 States in 1912). He also points out how the mini-flag’s plastic foil material. They could print the design on one side and it shows mirrored in the other. All these interesting tidbits would surely get deep-pocketed collectors interested in LEGO Titanic (10294). They’ll have to contend with it being temporarily out-of-stock though.

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