LEGO Employee Gift 2021 Also Celebrates 10 Years of Ninjago

4002021 52087

Every year-end Holiday season, LEGO employees have something to look forward to beyond bonuses and benefits. They get to bring home for free a product from their own hard work, manufactured specifically for the occasion. And in addition to commemorating the gift-giving season, these employee gift sets also celebrate any current theme milestone anniversary. Earlier this week Thomas Andreasen, co-creator of LEGO Ninjago, posted his gift on social media. As confirmed by Brick Fanatics (and made obvious by the revealer), the 2021 LEGO employee gift celebrates Ninjago’s first decade. It also posits how the Ninjago universe observes the Christmas Holiday.

As seen in Andreasen’s Twitter post, the LEGO Ninjago Temple of Celebrations (4002021) is this year’s LEGO employee gift. The set has 1,320 pieces and 11 Ninjago minifigures, including a Santa Garmadon. The back of the box contains a dedication from LEGO in eight languages. Andreasen also claims the set contains some of his written Holiday poems. He does add in a disclaimer that the set doesn’t confirm the existence of Christmas in the Ninjago setting. As always, a LEGO employee gift set officially goes only to employees. But Temple of Celebrations might be found on eBay and aftermarket platforms.

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