LEGO Catalog Preview of 2022 Ninjago Sets

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The German LEGO catalog covering the first half of 2022 has a lot of awesome upcoming sets lined up. Honestly, we’ve only been scratching the tip of the iceberg with this. Next to be put on the spotlight by us in The Brick Show is hit LEGO theme Ninjago. A great deal has been made of Ninjago and its tie-in animated series going on beyond its first decade. This catalog gives us, especially Ninjago collectors, a glimpse of the future as of next year. It’s a blend of new and old, including sets hearkening back to the days of Spinjitzu.

As told by Brick Fanatics, the LEGO Ninjago early-2022 launches will include three Ninjago Spinjitzu spinner sets. Actually, those three are the standalones, with a fourth being part of a larger set. We also have a preview on what evil mooks our Ninjago heroes will face in the upcoming season. Minifigs with unusual head-pieces like these snake-men really stand out. Anyway, let’s summarize the details.

Spinjitzu Ninja Training – €9.99/$11.20

70688 70689 70690 scan

  • Kai (70688)
  • Lloyd (70689)
  • Jay (70690)
Other sets

71764 71767 scan

  • Ninja Training Center (71763) – €39.99/$45.19
  • Ninja Dojo Temple (71767) – €99.99/$112.99

All names were roughly translated from German while $ pricings are direct conversions. Expect these Ninjago sets to release around January-March next year.

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