Legendary Concorde by Orbiter88 Gets 10-K Support for LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review

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There was a time when people who have become used to air travel were fascinated with flying faster than sound. Supersonic commercial passenger flight became an aspiration for air carriers since the 1950s. The concept was realized by the former USSR and collaboration between France and the UK. For the Soviets, they rolled out the Tupolev Tu-144; for UK-France, they fielded the Concorde. While supersonic transport was initially cool, problems quickly arose. Wear-and-tear, noise, sonic booms and rising fuel costs led to the retirement of SST aircraft by the 2000s. They never got any successors.

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Despite the abortive supersonic experience, SSTs continue to fascinate airliner aficionados long after they retired. That would explain LEGO Ideas member Orbiter88 creating a brick-built Concorde aircraft, and why it just got 10-K support.

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The Legendary Concorde” depicts the Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde which first flew in 1969 and served 1976-2003. The aircraft features retractable landing gear and the signature tilting cockpit nose. It also boasts British Airways livery on its portside and Air France at starboard side.

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The model can be freestanding on its landing gear, or displayed via a provided adjustable stand. For the most part the build is seamless, like any high-quality plastic-model aircraft.

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The Legendary Concorde becomes the second entry to get into the LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review Stage. Its predecessor the Third 2021 Review Stage ended earlier this week with 36 product ideas gaining 10-K support.

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