LEGO Toilet Gains 10-K Support for First 2022 Review

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Something potentially smells with this next LEGO Ideas 10-K support submission for the First 2022 Review Stage. Before we get to that however, let’s talk about the LEGO Technic line. Its selling point beyond the cool vehicle sets is building mechanical functions using Technic pieces. That should apply not just to car engines and such, but also to other machines and appliances. So what if a LEGO Ideas builder uses Technic pieces to create a set that, err, stinks? Okay, that’s a tired joke and avoidable with proper hygienic care. But what else do you say to a brick-built toilet?

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The LEGO Toilet, by Ideas 10-K member NickLafreniere1. You read right. This product idea recreates a flush toilet in LEGO, with the flushing mechanism using Technic pieces. The flush tank is viewable from the back, where Technic elements make up the float valve, drop valve, etc.

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The flush lever on the tank moves the mechanism as intended. Other movable elements include the toilet seat and the removable tank lid. The toilet sits on a black baseplate foundation. Blue pieces inside the bowl simulate the interior being filled with toilet water.

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As a quality mechanical set, The LEGO Toilet comes with an info plaque (including a buildable mini-toilet décor) and cleaning brush.

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NickLafreniere1 also springs for a plumber minifigure with to-scale plunger and toolbox, plus brick separator all on its own. This is hands down one of the quirkier product ideas to gain the necessary support for a Review Stage. Let’s wait and see if the Review team goes for it. The product page comments at least think this is great.

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