“Wild West Mine” Gets 10-K Support on LEGO Ideas First 2022 Stage

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Even as we wait for the previous two Review Stages to pronounce their official-set judgments, LEGO Ideas keeps creating. For most of this week we’ll probably be featuring many additions to the Ideas First 2022 Review Stage. While Third 2021, which ended last week, was dominated by buildings, the first few submissions here offer greater variety. Then again, our first 10-K-supported product idea feature this week is…a structural build. Then again, this one also boasts impressive terrain features. It also shares thematic similarities to one of the final Third 2021 Review entries. For LEGO Ideas consideration: the “Wild West Mine.”

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A member with the on-the-nose username of Disney Recreation presents to us this western-themed play-set. Like the name implies, the action takes place in a desolate mountainside goldmine. It’s dotted with rickety shacks and connected by a roundabout railway winding through mining tunnels and canyons.

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Two rugged prospectors brave the solitude and harsh surroundings (note: cow skeleton, vultures, coyote) to strike the mother-lode.

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They transport their hard earnings by train, risking danger from a duo of bandits staking out their mine.

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Will they manage to secure their gold, or are the desperadoes going to make an easy killing in wealth?

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This is a well-designed set will an organic blending of manmade structures to desert nature. The outside shacks pull off being both furnished and dilapidated. We also like the mobile train with the closed-circuit track around the whole thing. It kind of feels like a theme park ride too, what with the name of its creator. It’s too early to tell, but Wild West Mine may well be a favored product idea for the newly-open Ideas First 2022 Review Stage.

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