LEGO Ideas 10K Support: Sherlock Holmes – 221B Baker Street

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There are so many ways to classify LEGO sets, and the same goes for the aspirants on LEGO Ideas. Take for instance the current review stage, First 2022. Subject-wise, we’ve got plenty of buildings, some vehicles, a few animals, and so on. Theme-wise, five of the submissions are contemporary/modern-day. Two are sci-fi, another two magical, etc. And of course we have the distinction of original creation and based on existing IPs. This latest product idea with 10K support falls on the latter. Furthermore, the said franchise is a classic, featuring the world’s (original) greatest detective.

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We know, that last sentence was a total give-me. Anyway, LEGO Ideas member DreamnBricks got his build “Sherlock Holmes – 221B Baker Street” the 10,000 supporters needed for review. Quite obviously, it depicts the Victorian-era Baker Street, London townhouse where Sherlock Holmes resided in Arthur Conan Doyle’s works.

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The building consists of three floors plus attic. Guests/clients were received in the ground-floor reception/library, which opens to the kitchen. Sherlock’s assistant Dr. Watson roomed in the second story. A fireplace where he and Holmes discussed cases is just outside his quarters. Further upstairs, Sherlock had his own bedroom, which opened to his private office and crime laboratory.

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Also included in the build is an English carriage for Holmes and Watson, which features a fold-back roof. The two are joined in minifigure form by housekeeper Mrs. Hudson and Sherlock’s nemesis: Prof. Moriarty, Napoleon of Crime. Props dotted all over the townhouse refer to famous cases that Holmes has solved. Sherlock Holmes – 221B Baker Street might be a niche fandom set. But surely enough Holmesian LEGO collectors would be happy if DreamnBricks’ submission passes the First 2022 Review Stage.

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