“Adventure Box” Gets 10-K Support on LEGO Ideas

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In terms of LEGO builds, the more moving parts and gimmicks it has, the more dynamic/”alive” they feel. Buildable animals or structures are cool, but you need moving parts if you want to do more than display sets. For that you usually go for LEGO vehicles, but that’s not a general rule. Among the prospective sets in LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review, we’ve got a brick-built toilet with working flush. For the more “traditional” vehicle build there’s a car that transforms into a jet (without adding/removing/swapping pieces). A new submission with 10-K support shows off some similarly impressive brick mechanics.

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From Ideas member Homo Brickus, we have this “Adventure Box” set ready for review. Old hands at handicraft/mechanics might recognize this build. It’s a multi-deck storage on a cantilever, which opens up when the handle on the cantilever frame swings one way. The adventure box on the other hand is dual-cantilever. That provides seven containers stacked into four layers. There’s a big tray at the bottom, and two smaller trays side by side on each upper layer. Homo Brickus based his build on an old sewing case used by his mother. It’s certainly an oldie, rejuvenated by colorful LEGO-brick construction, making it a sturdy build.

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This Adventure Box could serve as a neat storage for LEGO minifigs and loose pieces. Homo Brickus even proposes options for customization. The lid covers at top could have changeable tile designs. Furthermore, those lids could serve as platforms for LEGO building. Thirdly, the dimensions of the Adventure Box allow for installing LEGO Light-bricks. What better way to check the contents with built-in lighting. We’ve said it before, but this is definitely a strong contender for passing review. Time will tell if we guessed correctly.

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