10-K Support: Norton74’s “Santa’s Cottages” Enters Ideas Review Stage (After Holidays)

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We might be able to observe some trends in what product ideas are submitted and supported on LEGO Ideas. For instance, some submissions based on licensed IPs might be posted to celebrate said franchise’s milestone anniversary. These ones tend to gain 10-K support and enter review at least before the anniversary year arrives. For example, we have the Seinfeld set (21328, Ideas #36) from last year. It hit shelves three years after the 30th anniversary of the sitcom it’s based on. Other Ideas submissions tend to be seasonal, popping up at appropriate times of the year. This one gained full support later than the season it’s depicting. But it’s good.

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Norton74, a LEGO Ideas 10K Club Member, got his build up to 10,000 supporters well after the Holiday season. It shouldn’t matter perhaps, if “Santa’s Cottage” is possibly announced before the Yuletide this year. This building set puts a modern spin on Santa Claus’ North Pole workshop. Still, builders will get a bright white reminder of where it is. It can be seen in the snowflake-covered trees, frost on the ledges, and the snowy surrounds. The cottage’s snow-white roof can be removed to easily access the interior, which can also be seen from the back.

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Inside Santa’s cottage, two floors feature plenty of furnishings for jolly Saint Nick. Through the hobbit-like front-door he can sit down for meals. The dining room leads to Santa’s workshop at one end, and a fireplace in the other. Stairs lead up to his bedroom where he can rest before and after his toy-delivery runs. And do you remember how we mentioned the cottage being modern? That’s because Santa gets around in a rugged off-road vehicle. He shares his domicile with a husky dog and an elf apparently living underground.

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