10-K: 1990 Lancia Rally Car Joins LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review

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One can browse LEGO Ideas, particularly the product ideas with 10-K support awaiting review, and not fail to be impressed. The amount of complexity that goes into every product idea built is as variable as LEGO’s many theme lines. Some sets are simple enough in construction for younger builders to enjoy. Others would draw older LEGO veterans in terms of detail or mechanical functionality. One might see the latter best in machine sets, primarily brick-built vehicles. LEGO Technic also comes to mind. And indeed, this new 10-K review-ready product idea would be a perfect fit for the Technic theme too.

ideas lumik 1990lancia 1

This submission, the 1990 Lancia Delta Integrale 16V Rally Car, is the brainchild of LEGO Ideas member Lumik. From the images thus far, you’d think this product idea easily rivals the various Technic supercars released in years past. Indeed, look at the photos and ask yourself: was this car model even made of LEGO pieces? Now check the follow-up images and be assured that it is.

ideas lumik 1990lancia 2

The “pre-decal version” makes it quite clear too. Still, the structure is sound and the interior seats and dashboards will make you blow chef’s kisses. Lumik just set the bar for Ideas members designing Technic-esque submissions, in our opinion.

ideas lumik 1990lancia 3

At present, only five product ideas or so on the First 2022 Review Stage are thematically similar to this build. But with the extra features Lumik put in, this Lancia Rally Car may have secured its review approval. Having 4WD connected to the steering wheel, and suspension too? Working headlights and gear-shift thanks to 3 Power Function Motors, with room for 2-3 more PF XL? If approved, this will cost a pretty penny. But collectors will eat this model up.

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