LEGO Ideas: “The Polar Express 20th Anniversary” gains 10K Support

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Back in 2004, Warner Bros. Pictures released a computer-animated film directed by Robert Zemeckis. “The Polar Express,” starring Tom Hanks, was a Holiday story presented in an updated animated medium. Where previous computer animation was all-computer, this film used live-action motion-capture to move the animated characters. “The Polar Express” made it to the Guinness Book of World Records because of that. Now, a LEGO Ideas member has submitted a product idea based on the movie. He may have also calculated the timing, based on gaining support and passing review. If lucky, this submission could become an official Ideas set when “The Polar Express” turns 20.

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10K Club Member adwind must be proud of his timetable for “The Polar Express 20th Anniversary”. His build of the titular magical steam locomotive gained 10,000 supporters early 2022. Given the average review period and development time, if approved this product idea could launch on or after 2024. That’s the actual “Polar Express” movie premiere anniversary. Adwind remarks on his product description that his 2,800-piece digital render can possibly be reduced to 2,000. It also has provision for “LEGO Powered Up” L-Motor.

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Gimmicks include a plunger-activated gift dispenser and a skiing Hobo minifig on the roof of one train car.

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The brick-built Polar Express features the engine, coal tender and three passenger cars. Everything is minifigure-scale to accommodate the eight minifigs of characters from the film (plus a reindeer).

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The car roofs and windows are removable to access the train interior for play.

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“Polar Express 20th Anniversary” is the first Ideas First 2022 Review submission to commemorate a franchise milestone. Time will tell if its efforts to become an official LEGO Ideas set by 2024 will bear fruit. Good luck.

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