Marvel Thor’s Hammer (76209) Officially Revealed – Launching March 1st

marvel thor's hammer

We at The Brick Show have one last upcoming LEGO set to feature today, coming to us from Brickset. Do you still recall the buildable Infinity Gauntlet set (76191) from LEGO Marvel Infinity Saga last year? It seems we’ll be getting more in that vein soon enough. And what other Marvel, or MCU, item deserves to be replicated in LEGO? How about Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer? It’s certainly a magnificent weapon. Fans must’ve winced at its destruction in “Thor: Ragnarok” and rejoiced at its temporary return in “Avengers: Endgame.” Well, we’re getting LEGO Mjolnir alright, with a major US retailer getting it exclusively outside of itself.

The lucky retail giant is none other than Target, which now lists LEGO Marvel Thor’s Hammer (76209). It’s a magnificent brick-build of Mjolnir, resting on earth as it did in the first “Thor” movie (2011). The set comes with a Thor minifigure and three micro-builds of other stuff from Odin’s treasure room in Asgard. Remember those from “Ragnarok” (2017)? Like many other LEGO sets we’ve covered this week, it’s launching on both Target and this March 1. Preorders are also now available:

marvel thor's hammer

LEGO Marvel Thor’s Hammer (76209)

Age 18+ | 979 pieces | 1 minifigure | $99.99 | coming March 1, preorder available

76209 alt3

  • Authentic Thor hammer – Celebrate Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga with the LEGO® Marvel Thor’s Hammer (76209) build-and-display model for adults
  • Fun extras – The model rests securely on a stand with an information plate. Also includes a Thor minifigure and 3 small-scale models: the Infinity Gauntlet, Tesseract and Odin’s Fire
  • Escape the everyday – Immerse yourself in this absorbing construction project, then display the completed model to evoke the style and spirit of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years to come

76209 alt5

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