90th Anniversary LEGO Classic Set 90 Years of Play Listed by French Retailer

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The company that gave the world “The Brick” is celebrating nine decades this 2022. We’re talking about LEGO, of course. They’ve been preparing for this near-century milestone since way back last year. And already we’re bracing to see the classic themes voted to be revived in that LEGO Ideas activity.  Of course, it’s not just selected old LEGO themes making a comeback to celebrate their 90th anniversary. New sets from active LEGO themes are on the way too. While LEGO is keeping some of them close to the chest for now, other avenues aren’t. A French retailer’s already revealed one.

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As told by Brickset, a 90th anniversary commemorative LEGO Classic set has surfaced at online retailer La Grande Recre. The LEGO Classic theme, as you know, replicates the old-school LEGO set aesthetic, where the included bricks can build anything. LEGO Classic set 11021 is no slouch at this, the better to celebrate 90 Years of Play. If the box art is any indication, the included pieces in set 11021 can create builds across multiple established themes. Want to assemble a horse-drawn carriage, or a wheeled duck pull-toy? How about a spaceship, or police station, or a pineapple head? 90 Years of Play (11021) can help you do that and more.

La Grande Recre (before removing the listing) priced this LEGO Classic set at €49.99. We may be looking at comparable price range once 90 Years of Play (11021) gets listed at LEGO Shop US. Furthermore, there was no release date, so that’s another detail to look forward to later on.

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