10K-Supported Motorized Steampunk Skyship Joins LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review

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Making one’s own original LEGO build in hopes of it becoming an official set is hard enough. Trying to develop a whole LEGO theme, one with an overall narrative to boot, is another thing altogether. And yet LEGO Ideas 10K Club Member Castor-Troy looks to be trying just that. Late last year he got his “Steampunk Explorers” into the LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage. His build of an explorer HQ/lab was both complex and interactive. It was also peopled by minifigures with interesting character profiles. Steampunk Explorers currently remains in review; but now another Castor-Troy submission of similar thematic substance just gained 10,000 supporters.

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Say hello to the Motorized Steampunk Skyship, another fantastic product idea courtesy of consistent 10K-getter Castor-Troy. This also marks the second entry for his growing steampunk-themed submissions. Both builds depict a Victorian-era steampunk adventure world in an alternate 1889 Earth. Where Steampunk Explorers showed an adventuring theme in their domicile, this one depicts a separate crew on a voyage. The “skyship” Silver Arrow goes on a round-the-world trip to discover the secrets of the classical element Ether. As they’ll be passing over the Carpathian Mountains, known vampire haunt, they have vampire hunters in their company.

ideas castortroy skyship 02

Castor-Troy not only gives us a modular steampunk airship; he also motorized it to turn the ship propellers. The Silver Arrow crew comprises seven minifigures that can man the skyship, which can also be supported by a plinth.

ideas castortroy skyship 03

Like with Steampunk Explorers, this product idea is a team effort between Castor and fellow builder MaxBrich. If “Explorers” can pass its ongoing review, it could potentially spell good tidings for Motorized Steampunk Skyship. This submission is the third entry to LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review Stage.

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