Legoceo’s Auto Repair Garage 1930s Gets 10K Support for Ideas Second 2022 Review

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We’ve got another LEGO Ideas 10-K support update to give now. This makes it the fourth such submission to enter the Second 2022 Review Stage. Subject-wise, two of the previous three entries for this stage are structural in nature. Both of these are also based on licensed IPs that LEGO’s made sets of in the past. The latest 10-K product idea for the Second 2022 Review Stage is an original concept. It’s also nostalgic trip to the past of sorts. And while not minifigure-scale like the earlier submissions, it’s got a larger, more detailed charm.

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So it goes for Auto Repair Garage 1930s, as designed by LEGO Ideas member legoceo. The build is a quaint garage with the inter-World War design aesthetic. The construction appears convincingly brick-and-mortar, with even aging effects like creeping vines.

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The outside boasts various car components and two self-service gasoline pumps. Inside is a nicely-cluttered workspace with period tools and appliances to sell the 1930s look.

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But it’s not a garage without a car, so legoceo took care of that too. The blue car is similar to a ‘Thirties Chevy, especially with the spare tire next to the driver-seat door. Overall the set looks fantastic even with no minifigs in sight.

ideas legoceo garage1930s 5

Even so, having no people in the set will give Auto Repair Garage 1930s a challenge to engage reviewers. It’ll have to be an Age 18+ LEGO Ideas set if successful. We’ll just have to see how it fares among Second 2022 by next year.

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