Walmart Exclusive Offer: Mini Castle Celebrating 90 Years of LEGO

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LEGO might have its own exclusive online Shop and global Store chain to get its products to collectors. Still, major toy retailers around the world have been arm in arm with LEGO for decades now. And these partnerships have been putting out some great promo offers every now and then. Last week we had the buzz regarding LEGO purchases at Target stores being eligible for earning VIP points. Other times retail regulars might get chances at retail-exclusive LEGO sets. As you may have surmised, there’s an exclusive celebrating 90 years of LEGO available now. And you get it at Walmart.

The Brick Fan has it that Walmart is helping LEGO celebrate its milestone anniversary with this exclusive set. If you’re a longtime collector who knows of the classic Yellow Castle (375), this is a miniature version. It also comes with a special red tile with the “90 Years of Play” LEGO anniversary logo. Starting August 10 until 24, Walmart shoppers can get the Mini Castle by buying $50 worth of LEGO sets there. However, they must be from a list of qualifying products detailed here. Like with the Target VIP points, buyers must upload an image of their receipt to LEGO’s dedicated Walmart promo page. They have until August 31.

According to LEGO, once an August 10-24 Walmart receipt is uploaded, it’ll take 24 hours to process. The Walmart Mini Castle will then be shipped to a sender’s provided physical address, except for PO boxes. Of course, the offer’s only good until supplies last. But hey, any commemorative 90 Years of LEGO set’s worth aiming for if you’re a LEGO faithful.

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  1. I have sent a request to get the small yellow castel. I have sent photo of my purchase and my bill; I would appreciate and answer from your part if I am qualify to get the offer.
    Thank you

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