LEGO Ideas 10K Support: “Thomas the Tank Engine” by KaijuBuildz

LEGO and trains are as unbeatable as combinations come. For years and even decades LEGO has given model railroad enthusiasts plenty of brick-built locomotive goodness. Add Power Function options and the experience can get just as good as “traditional” model railroads. Themes like LEGO City have given collectors some pretty awesome train sets already. But there are more locomotive types and models out there. Some fans have gone on LEGO Ideas to propose these new builds. Already the current Second 2022 Review Stage has several product ideas in that vein. This new certified 10K-supported submission’s a bit different from them.

How so? It’s because this one’s alive, sort of. Ideas member KaijuBuildz gives us his super-accurate depiction of the world’s most famous tank engine with a face. Yep, Thomas from “Thomas and Friends” didn’t seem to have much problem earning its 10,000 supporters for review.

The dimensions of the plucky blue tank engine in LEGO-brick form are uncannily spot on. You’d think it was taken from the set of the original “model live-action” “Thomas and Friends” series.

He’s also minifigure-scale to fit a minifig of the Fat Controller, Sir Topham Hatt, in his cabin. Thomas comes with four facial-expression tiles and an alternative, realistic smokebox.

Whether one’s a fan of the original “Railway Series” books by Rev. Awdry, or the various TV series adaptations since, they’ll surely love this submission. KaijuBuildz’ Thomas the Tank Engine comes with a display stand, though he can also go on standard LEGO rails. He’s just too small for Power Functions, but a mechanism will allow the wheels to turn freely. This is a standout product idea for LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review. As one who’s watched “Thomas”, this writer hopes the reviewers like it.

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