PeterKeith’s Medieval Watchtower Gets 10K Support for LEGO Ideas Review

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While no longer a headlining theme for LEGO, medieval knights and castles remain a definitive look for the brand. No surprise then that a castle numbers among the 90th Anniversary sets coming out this year. The Icons Lion Knights Castle (10305) certainly looks impressive since its official reveal at LEGO Con 2022. Nostalgic LEGO builders must be waiting for its official launch next week, August 8. While not deliberate, LEGO Ideas Review stages also abound with castles and medieval buildings. Any lucky submission could one day join Lion Knights Castle to make a medieval LEGO setting. Just like this one.

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Ideas member PeterKeith presents us a product idea that would look good next to Lion Knights Castle (10305). Of course, it still needs to pass review. But at least it already accumulated the needed 10-K supporters to join the Second 2022 Review Stage.

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Medieval Watchtower looks like a LEGO-building study on space conservation. How compact can you make the building and still provide enough room for minifigures? A knight (and his horse) plus three tower guardsmen can certainly make themselves at home here.

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The watchtower boasts a stable, armory, living quarters and a ladder to the ramparts. There’s even a storage shelf under the sloping roof. Now that’s some detail.

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Given the number of thematically-similar castle/medieval submissions on LEGO Ideas, maybe LEGO could try to review the Castle theme. A limited run to test the waters might not hurt. The Ideas Lion Knights Castle (10305) could make a good start. In the meantime, we wish PeterKeith luck with his submission on LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review. He’ll need it too with the massive playing field already in place right here.

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