Early Image of 2023 LEGO Chinese New Year Seasonal “Year of the Rabbit” (40575)

40575 alt1

With the 2022 Holiday season less than 4 months away, it’s no surprise we’re already seeing LEGO “seasonal set” reveals. You have to know what’s coming early to plan for what you want to get when the season comes, after all. But among the upcoming sets for Christmas, there’s already a buzz for one Chinese New Year seasonal. Why’s that? Well, if lunar reckoning puts the next Chinese New Year in late January 2023, the timing is quite reasonable. Stone Wars.de gives us the first images of the expected new Chinese zodiac animal set to grace lunar new year celebrants.

With the Year of the Tiger 2022 almost done, it’s time for LEGO to join the hype for the Year of the Rabbit. Check out the aptly named seasonal set (40575) with an adorable black-and-white (with pink and brown accents) bunny. Sitting on a leafy green pedestal, Year of the Rabbit boasts an articulated neck and poseable ears. In true seasonal set fashion, the box has a dedication space if you plan to give this set away. The buildable rabbit even comes with a red envelope if the giver is feeling extra-generous to the receiver.

Considering the timing, LEGO Year of the Rabbit (40575) might probably launch sometime in December this year. Stone Wars however managed to purchase one very early set in a store outside their native Germany. Thanks to them we know what’s coming soon. In fact, LEGO’s Chinese New Year seasonal zodiac animal series is already halfway complete. We might even see this theme line run through before the 2020s are complete.

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