“LEGO Bricktales” Officially Launches on PC, Consoles


This is one LEGO videogame beyond the usual dev-pub tandem that’s been generating quite the anticipation all its own. Are you up for taking your digital LEGO gameplay to a more puzzle-solving bent? Leave it to ClockStone and Thunderful Games to deliver. In the spirit of the former’s “Bridge Constructor” series, they announced “LEGO Bricktales” way back in March. And just last month ClockStone and Thunderful pegged when the multiplatform game will be coming out. That would be on the 12th of October. And wouldn’t you know it, that day has finally come at last.

Brick Fanatics tells us that this Wednesday, October 12, sees the wide release of “LEGO Bricktales”. The game can now be purchased for Windows, Xbox One and Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Nintendo Switch. One week earlier, Thunderful Games confirmed on Twitter that “LEGO Bricktales” has also been okayed to launch on Steam Deck. That’s every major gaming platform, as fitting for a wide-appeal franchise like LEGO. While it’s no sales heavyweight like WB-Traveller’s Tales’ “LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga”, “Bricktales” has its own charm. ClockStone and Thunderful looked to emphasize the building experience more. And initial reviews agree that they succeeded.

“LEGO Bricktales” puts players in LEGO-built diorama scenarios, where building is key to progressing. Tasks involve building vehicles or structures in the current area to move the story along. Being given a set of digital LEGO pieces to assemble into functional builds is the heart of “Bricktales”. We’ll soon see in coming days if LEGO gamers can dig this new title like the WB-TT releases.

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