LEGO Teases Possible Ideas Foosball Table (21337), Coming November

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Long has LEGO been one of the most recognizable faces of “toys you put together to play with”. Their near-infinite number of sets let collectors and builders create buildings, vehicles and more. But how about LEGO sets that, when put together, allow people to play other established games/sports beyond the bricks themselves? That may well be the selling point of this new upcoming set in the LEGO Ideas line. The build in question was the winner of a sports-themed Ideas contest from last year. While LEGO has yet to officially reveal it, they’ve been teasing the set a lot recently.

As The Brick Fan has it, LEGO is showing sneak peeks of an upcoming Ideas set for next month. Considering that one teaser on Twitter shows two top football players from the Premier League, it must be football/soccer-related. Another post, this time on Facebook, seemingly confirms the subject. But rather than a set depicting an outright football match, apparently the game will be “tabletop” in nature. Thus, the prevailing theory is that LEGO’s teasing an Ideas Foosball Table set. This product is supposedly numbered 21337. It may well be the Grand Winner of 2021’s “We Love Sports!” LEGO Ideas contest, created by Constructions by Donat.

No actual images of the LEGO Ideas Foosball Table (21337) have surfaced yet. But if it’s anything like the original Contest-winning entry, then it’s a fully-functional brick-built Foosball game. Even with its smaller scale (55x30cm in the original), the rod mechanisms should all be workable. As LEGO’s teasers state, this set will launch on November 1. So, we can at least be assured of a full reveal before that time.

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