More LEGO 2023 Sets To Add Fun to Any Occassion

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It looks like LEGO is throwing in another wave of sets that will add more fun to any occasion. Just like its seasonal set counterparts, these new LEGO 2023 sets are designed to make any event extra special. With a brick-built heart ornament, piñata, and a quartet of daffodils to arrive next month, you’ll never run out of gift ideas for your loved ones.

Ideal for any occasion, the LEGO Heart Ornament features an ornate heart-shaped build that you can customize. The LEGO Piñata is certainly full of surprises, just as it is intended to be. It has an opening bottom to reveal LEGO candy pieces, and posable head, neck, ears, and legs. Finally, the LEGO Daffodil is the next addition to LEGO’s Botanical Collection and is also a great gift idea to celebrate that special occasion.

Take a look at their official images below, and be sure to add them to your LEGO wishlist over at so you can be notified once they are released on January 1, 2023.

Heart Ornament (40638)

254 pieces | $12.99

Inspire creativity in kids aged 9+ with this beautiful LEGO® Heart Ornament (40638) kit. Once built and customized, the heart can decorate a home or office for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or at any time. The set features 254 pieces, including a hanger element and extra accessories for customizing the heart. The building instructions and packaging include 2 images to inspire decorating. The ornament makes a meaningful gift for any number of seasonal occasions.

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Piñata (40644)

206 pieces | $9.99

Bring extra fun to a party with this brilliant LEGO® Piñata (40644) building kit for ages 8+. The traditional Mexican party game comes in the form of a colorful donkey with a posable head, neck, tail, legs and ears. The Piñata can be used to store small LEGO bricks to replicate candy inside it, which will fall out when opened at the bottom to the delight of kids and adults. This set makes a wonderful showpiece at any celebration and an attractive item for display.

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Daffodils (40646)

216 pieces | $12.99

Brighten up your day with this display of 4 LEGO® Daffodils (40646). Build the 2 yellow and 2 white flowers, then display them in your own vase (not included). The adjustable leaves make it easy to customize your display. This set also makes a great gift – perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion. These pretty daffodils can be combined with other LEGO flower sets, such as the Wildflower Bouquet (10313), Roses (40460), Tulips (40461) or Sunflowers (40524) – each set sold separately.

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