More LEGO Marvel Mechs Arriving in 2023

LEGO Marvel Mechs

Marvel character mechs are quite a staple for LEGO sets since their introduction back in 2015, and we can definitely expect more LEGO Marvel mechs to arrive in the first half of next year. has already listed three new sets under this genre, and it’s great to see that they just keep on getting better.

For this initial offering, we get to see The Hulk get his first-ever LEGO mechanical armor (well, it’s a kind of a stretch since I guess it’s only in LEGO fantasy land where you can see the green giant ever need one). We also get to see the Mad Titan and Rocket get their LEGO Marvel mech upgrades as well. I appreciate how these character mechs keep on improving particularly in terms of their proportional design and articulation.

This trio of new Marvel superhero sets joins the initial wave of LEGO Marvel 2023 offerings introduced last week, all of which will arrive in January next year both in-store and online, retailing for $15 each. Take a look.

Hulk Mech Armor (76241)

138 pieces | Includes a Hulk minifigure | $14.99

Treat a Marvel Avengers fan to supersized Super Hero action with LEGO® Marvel Hulk Mech Armor (76241). The mighty, movable mech puts mega Marvel adventures into the hands of kids aged 6 and up.

76241 1


Thanos Mech Armor (76242)

113 pieces | Includes a Thanos minifigure | $14.99

Fans of Marvel’s Thanos will love this supersized Super Hero treat. LEGO® Marvel Thanos Mech Armor (76242) takes the universe’s most powerful supervillain and makes him even more awesome! This is a great gift for kids aged 6 and up.

76242 1


Rocket Mech Armor (76243)

98 pieces | Includes a Rocket Racoon minifigure | $14.99

Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy fans aged 6 and up are sure to love LEGO® Marvel Rocket Mech Armor (76243). The supersized figure puts Marvel’s raging raccoon in the cockpit of his own mighty battling machine.

76243 1



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